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Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey - Br Adam

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This book written by Brother Adam details both the history of bee breeding at Buckfast and the purpose of breeding the hybrid "Buckfast Bee". Tips for bee breeders are included as well as a section on the making of Mead.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Buckfast hybrid bee was a honey bee developed by "Brother Adam", (born Karl Kehrle in 1898 in Germany), who was in charge of beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey. In the early 20th century bee populations were being decimated by Isle of Wight disease. This condition, later called "acarine" disease, after the acarine parasitic mite that invaded the bees' tracheal tubes and shortened their lives, was killing off thousands of colonies in the British Isles in the early part of the 20th century.

Brother Adam began importing resistant stock from other nations, creating a vigorous, parasite-resistant hybrid honey bee known as the Buckfast bee among beekeepers.

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