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Threshold of 2018

'Countdown to Buckfast Abbey's Millennium Year - Issue 4'

You will have been able to gauge from the previous issues just how much work is going into preparations for the Abbey's millennium year of 2018 - and just how exciting it all is too.

It is a privilege to be able to share with you our own dreams, aspirations and ambitions for Buckfast Abbey at this rather special moment in our history. There remains just a short period of time of preparation, however, and there will be a lot to reveal in our next issue.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to keep in touch with developments by arranging for the current, and future editions, to be sent directly to you. 

Cost £5 + £2.25 postage and packing. 

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Mary: Icon of the Church

Mary – Icon of the Church
The Role of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The doctrine of the Trinity contains within it the reason for the uniqueness of humanity’s relationship with God – Jesus, being true God and true man unites divinity ...

Kindness: a School Mass

Kindness – a School Mass

Jesus says that we must love others as he loves us. We must think about what he might mean by this. In the first place we know that he showed his love by allowing ...

Baptism of Teddy

Baptism of Teddy

Living as a Christian means wanting to be a complete human being. We easily think of the Christian claim that Jesus is God, but we should also think that Jesus is a human being in the fullest ...

Monastic Vocation Retreat

The Monastery Guest Quarters will be hosting a monastic vocation retreat on the weekend of the 16th - 19th February 2018.

Talk and Lunch with the Garden Department

Talk and Lunch with the Garden Department, at St. Cuthbert's Conference Centre.

Darkness to Light - Voces Concert

Darkness to Light From Ash Wednesday to Easter via the genius of Orlande de Lassus (1532-1594)