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Education Centre

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“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”

Our Education Centre is our most popular resource, a ‘hands on’ learning centre with a wide variety of activities. There are over 40 activities relating to the Abbey including the monk’s day, archaeology, building and structures, work (including beekeeping and stained glass). As far as possible real objects and materials are used including a 90 year old hoist used by the monks in the rebuilding of the Abbey as well as our observation beehive with a live colony of Buckfast bees.

The aim of the centre is that pupils learn by doing, they have plenty of opportunity to be creative and explore concepts and ideas using different learning styles. This workshop is great fun and the highlight of a visit for most pupils (and teachers!)
The session is introduced by a member of the Education staff then pupils are free to explore on their own. Suitable for all age groups and ability levels.

1 hour for up to 40 pupils.
Pupils £2.00, Teachers free.

RE projects

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We can provide workshops and activity days to support your RE curriculum. Please contact us to arrange what suits you best.

Tailor Made Workshops and Tours

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Depending on what you are studying we can arrange a wide variety of other activities not in our regular programme to schools. upon request.

Please get in touch to discuss with the Education Team how we can design your visit to suit you.

Meet a monk

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An opportunity to meet one of our Buckfast monks and ask questions about his day-to-day life.
Suitable for all age groups.

30 minutes for up to 40 pupils.
No charge.

Potions and Pestilence

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An interactive workshop discovering the horrible history of the Black Death. Hear about potential cures and see a medieval doctor. Risk catching the plague as you play a game which explores medieval health and pilgrimage.
When bookings allow this workshop takes place in our restored medieval Guesthall.

1 hour for up to 25 pupils.
£2.00 per pupil, teachers free.


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Our signature event for Secondary RE, Ethics and Philosophy, Citizenship and PSHE students.

See special events tab at the top of the page for more information.

The Monastic Way

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An interactive exhibition about monasticism and what it’s like to be a monk of Buckfast. Open to the public.

Free to booked school groups.

Buckfast 1539

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An interactive history workshop exploring the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Using a variety of artefacts, students explore what King Henry VIII’s plans to close the monasteries might mean for their owners. They will investigate Tudor life of the rich, poor and the monks.

1 hour for up to 20 pupils.
£2.00 per pupil, teachers free.


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Monastic Life Trail

A trail helping pupils to explore the lives of the monks who live here at Buckfast and to discover some of the issues of monasticism.
£1.10 per booklet.



Buckfast Abbey - Medieval & Modern

This trail encourages students to investigate the history of the Abbey, looking at the evidence for the medieval abbey; change and continuity.

£1.10 per booklet.

Natural Reflections

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A chance to explore and reflect on nature in beautiful surroundings.
Lively activities in groups progress to quieter ones in smaller numbers, until finally students are working on a reflective exercise on their own.
Whilst this takes place in the gardens and grounds of the Abbey, this is a workshop about senses and feelings rather than nature studies.
Clothing and footwear suitable for being outdoors required.
90 minutes depending on group size.

£3.00 per pupil, teachers free.