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Honeybee Experience Days for 2023

Down in Buckfast Abbey Bee Barn, our colony of honeybees has been doing well thanks to a dose of Varroa medication alongside food supplements, which help ensure a healthy spring for the hive. 

Looking ahead to the spring and summer, we’re pleased to announce there will be five separate opportunities for groups to come and spend time with our bees to learn about their lifecycle, environment, and their importance to our world with our Honeybee Experience Days 2023

If you’re interested, don’t delay booking as places sell out quickly. Click below to also find out more about the return of our Community Beekeeping Days 2023.

Running on Saturday 17th June, Thursday 29th June, Saturday 8th July, Tuesday 18th July and Thursday 3rd August, our Honeybee Experience Days 2023 make the perfect gift for any nature-lover.

Provided the weather is suitable, the day will provide the opportunity to wear a bee suit and experience colony life at first hand. This can range from spotting a queen bee, watching a baby bee be born, or even – if you’re comfortable with it – holding a frame containing comb with honey, brood and bees on it.  

In addition to a buffet lunch in our bee barn, and refreshments on arrival, each participant will also receive a ‘honeybee gift pack’ containing information, honey, beeswax, and bee friendly seeds. Book your space(s) here for just £75 per person.

For a free, relaxed and informal approach to learning more about beekeeping and gardening, why not take a look at our Community Beekeeping Days 2023? Held twice a month from April through to October, and open to all ages and abilities, the afternoons will involve helping to care for and maintain the Buckfast Abbey beehives and gardens. Click here for full details:

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