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It’s all go go go at the Conference Centre

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Abby Greener, our new Conference & Events Manager. Abby joined us last year, and quickly proved herself a great asset. Abby says “The recent refurbishment of our Schiller Hall has bought some prestigious events to the conference centre.

‘‘Our 3-day SAFE Security Seminar with Figen Murray OBE was a huge success, raising awareness for large-scale events. Attendees praised the informative presentation, and gained valuable tips for their own security. 

Abby continues, “In May this year, London’s oldest hospital and parish church, St Bartholomew’s Hospital and St Bartholomew the Great church, celebrated its 900th anniversary with a dinner attended by 90 guests who enjoyed our excellent food and facilities. We were delighted to receive the most positive feedback by the event organiser, and really enjoy hosting these important functions.”

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