Latest News at Buckfast Abbey

NEW: Honeybee Experience Days

Since 2010, the emphasis of our Buckfast Bee Department has been focussed on education; teaching beekeepers and running courses for those who wish to start beekeeping or would like to learn about bees. 

If you would like to learn why Buckfast bees are so important, and the different ways you can help all pollinators, why not sign up to one of our new Honeybee Experience Days? Starting at 11am and finishing at 3pm, the day will include lunch and refreshments. Participants will spend time with our bees, learn about their lifecycle and environment and even have the opportunity to dress up in a bee suit, getting up close and personal to a colony of wonderful honeybees! 

 Thursday 5thMay is already fully booked, but there’s still three more dates to choose from this summer. For more information, and to book, click here.