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Celebrating 100 years of our Lady of Buckfast

On 31st July, Buckfast Abbey will be celebrating 100 years since the statue of Our Lady of Buckfast was installed in the Lady Chapel in the Abbey church. This ceremony was known as the ‘translation’ of the statue. Learn more about the statue’s history here. 

The word ‘translation’, which means ‘carried across’ in Latin, refers to the ceremony whereby the statue was taken from the temporary church in the Chapter House and carried in a large procession as a part of the inauguration ceremony for the new Abbey church in 1922.

The fact that this statue has been restored from a fragment of the original medieval statue is a marvel in itself. At the time of the Reformation, it was almost completely destroyed and then later discovered in a wall after the monks returned in 1882. The fragment of the statue is a large piece from the knee downwards which still contains its original colouring and gilding, and was used to recreate a faithful copy of the original statue in 1903.

A small booklet about the statue of Our Lady of Buckfast with original photographs will be published to commemorate the centenary of her installation. It will be available to purchase from 31st July from the Buckfast Abbey bookshop. Small replicas of our Lady of Buckfast statue are also available to purchase in the Buckfast Abbey Gift Shop or online now here.