Latest News at Buckfast Abbey

CD of Dom Sebastian Wolff organ music available now

Last month, Buckfast Abbey hosted a launch event for a new CD which features the complete organ music of Father Sebastian Wolff – a former respected Organist at Buckfast Abbey, and monk since 1948. The double disc CD is available to purchase now here.  

The launch event was organised to celebrate Wolff’s significant contribution to the world of organ music in the twentieth century and included a 30-minute concert recital and presentation of the CD in the Abbey Church, followed by a drinks reception with Fr Sebastian in the Abbey’s newly refurbished Schiller Hall.

Fr Sebastian Wolff has been a monk at Buckfast Abbey since 1948 and his name is synonymous with the Abbey’s rich musical heritage. During his tenure as Organist, he forged an impressive vocation both as a solo recitalist and as a composer. His duties as Organist to the community of monks in their regular cycle of prayer and liturgy, and the undeniable beauty of the Abbey church, have both over the years inspired the creation of his music. This new CD recording offers a comprehensive account of his achievements as an acclaimed solo organist.

The new double disc set recording, released on the Abbey’s own record label Ad Fontes, is available to purchase now for £15 here.