The Everyday Poet Edited by Deborah Alma


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The Everyday Poet Edited by Deborah Alma

A thoughtful and varied collection of feel-good poems perfect for any day and any situation. This brand-new anthology holds up a mirror to our own lives, and is designed to tackle your everyday needs: whether work is getting you down, you need a moment to relax, you're having trouble sleeping or need a little romantic guidance, this book has a poem for you. Each poem has been carefully selected by editor Deborah Alma, the world's first and only emergency poet, who travels in her 1970s ambulance to schools, libraries and festivals to offer consultations and prescribe poems as cures for various maladies: to comfort, purge melancholy, provide hope and give courage.

This collection will lift your mood and brighten your day, offering poetic help wherever it is needed. Other poetry collections include The Emergency Poet: An Anti-Stress Poetry Anthology.

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      Deborah Alma
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