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Cantata for a New Era by Dom Sebastian Wolff


Cantata for a New Era by Dom Sebastian Wolff OSB

The Cantata is Father Sebastian Wolff marks the Millennium celebrations of the year 2000. Concerned with the extensive plans for country-wide secular celebrations, Father Sebastian became interested in creating something which reflected the true significance of the Millennium year.

The text of the Cantata thus focuses on the prophecy, birth, and fulfilment of Christ in a succession of movements for soloists, chorus, organ, and narrator.

Father Sebastian Wolff has been a monk at the Devon Monastery of Buckfast since 1948 and has dedicated his life to its ongoing work and worship. His duties as organist to the community in its regular cycle of prayer and liturgy, and the undeniable beauty of the Abbey church, have both over the years inspired the creation of his music.

Track Listing –

1 – Introduction: In the beginning
2 – Chorus: Let us make man in our image
3 – Organ introduction
4 – Reading: The serpent was more subtle
5 – Chorus: Loss of trust returned to dust
6 – Reading: So the Lord God expelled Adam
7 – Hymn: Thou whose almighty Word
8 – Recitative: The people who walked in darkness
9 – Aria: Arise, shine! Your light is come
10 – Recitative: A virgin is with child
11 – Reading: That day the Lord will start his threshing
12 – Chorus: How beautiful on the mountains
13 – Reading: In the days of King Herod of Judea
14 – Recitative: An angel of the Lord
15 – Chorus: He will be great in the sight of the Lord
16 – Duo: Listen to the voice
17 – Chorale: Hush! the world is still and waiting
18 – Reading: Now at this time
19 – Solo and Chorus: Shepherds guarding their flocks
20 – Reading: Now when the angels had gone
21 – Final Chorus: Rejoice, rejoice, let all men rejoice

Total 48.21 mins

Performed by Cambridge Voices
Jeremy Filsell : Organist
Martin Muncaster: Narrator
Ian de Massini: Director