Icon Saint Michael M128


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Icon Saint Michael.
Dimensions: 14.4 X 10.3 cm.
The Archangel Michael is the warrior of God, and in any given instance of heavenly warfare is likely present fighting for Him. In icons, Michael can always be identified by his soldier's attire, his armor, and the sword he wields. Also, Michael is frequently clothed in some shade of red. The color red can symbolize power, war, blood, and sacrifice: all appropriate to the angel who is engaged in warfare. His liturgical hymns refer to him as "the Commander of the bodiless hosts." He holds a flaming sword in one hand, a reference to the angel who guards the Garden of Eden in the book of Genesis, and an orb in his other hand, symbolizing his authority as the supreme Archangel.

This icon, part of the Zvenigorod deësis, was painted about 1415 by the Russian master iconographer Saint Andrei Rublev.

From the Abbey Flavigny, France.

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