Icon The Mother of God Hodegetria The Virgin Hodegetria. Pocket Icon.

The Mother of God Hodegetria
The Virgin Hodegetria, the one that shows the way
(Hodegetria) the gate of heaven (Portaitissa). This Panagia icon
Portaitissa means "gate" in Greek. According to tradition
Orthodox, she was found on the shore, by the monks of Mount
Athos of Iviron Monastery. It was placed on the big door
entrance to the monastery, from there comes his name of Portaitissa
(gatekeeper). His presence on the Holy Mountain is
seen as a guarantee of the protection of athonite monasticism
(practice of contemplation) by the Theotokos 'Oïêï' (The Virgin
Mary who gave birth to God)
The bust presentation means that it is only by
the tilt of the face and the expressiveness of her eyes as the Virgin
Mary invites us to look at the blessing Christ, represented in a
rigidly vertical attitude and dressed in celestial-coloured clothing.
On the shoulders and on the head, the mantle of the Virgin
Mary wears triple cross in the shape of a star, ancient symbol
Syriac virginity (before, during and after birth).
DIMENSIONS: 10.5 X 7 cm.
DATE: 18th Century,
MATERIAL: Solid wood.
From the Monastery Flavigny, France.