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Organ Music from Buckfast Abbey


Organ Music from Buckfast Abbey – Played by Father Sebastian Wolff O.S.B.

Father Sebastian Wolff has been a monk at the Devon Monastery of Buckfast since 1948 and has dedicated his life to its ongoing work and worship. His duties as organist to the community in its regular cycle of prayer and liturgy, and the undeniable beauty of the Abbey church, have both over the years inspired the creation of his music.

Track Listing –

1 – Prelude & Fugue in C Minor
2 – Noels
3 – Fantasia in F minor
4 – Processional
5 – Postlude: pour l’office de Complies
6 – Chanson de Mai
7 – Partita: Unto us is born a Son
8 – Dieu parmi nous

Year Recorded – 1987