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Requiem and Missa Brevis – Dom Sebastian Wolff O.S.B.


Requiem and Missa Brevis by Dom Sebastian Wolff O.S.B.

The Requiem, composed specifically as an act of worship and remembrance rather than as a concert work, dates from 1988-91. In the composer’s words, it is a modest attempt to express in sound a deep feeling of supplication to God for people who died in this century of violence.

The Missa brevis was written in response to a request by the Headmaster of Buckfast Abbey School for a musical work to mark the Feast of Our Lady of Buckfast in May 1985.

Father Sebastian Wolff has been a monk at the Devon Monastery of Buckfast since 1948 and has dedicated his life to its ongoing work and worship. His duties as organist to the community in its regular cycle of prayer and liturgy, and the undeniable beauty of the Abbey church, have both over the years inspired the creation of his music.

Track Listing –


1 – Introit
2 – Kyrie
3 – Sanctus
4 – Benedictus
5 – Pie Jesu
6 – Agnus Dei
7 – Libera me
8 – In paradisum

Missa Brevis

9 – Kyrie
10 – Gloria
11 – Sanctus and Benedictus
12 – Agnus Dei

Total 44.16
Year Recorded – 2002

Cambridge Voices & Jeremy Filsell (organ).