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Seeking God: The Way of St Benedict by Esther De Waal


Seeking God: The Way of St Benedict by Esther De Waal

Seeking God has become a contemporary spiritual classic. Published in numerous editions and translations throughout the world, it has introduced many thousands of people to the humane and gentle wisdom of St Benedict.

Although his Rule is a short document written in the sixth century to guide a community of monks in their daily living, its insights into what makes a balanced and fulfilled life are still amazingly relevant today. St benedict shows
us how the ordinary and the humdrum can become the opportunity to find the presence of God in our own daily lives.

Whatever our circumstances, the practical and down to earth realism of St Benedict will help us to find a balance of body, mind and spirit and enable us to become more fully human, more full of energy as we journey on the
way that will bring us to God.

A new edition of this classic in which the ancient and gentle wisdom of the Rule of St Benedict is explored in relation to the demands of modern living and the importance of balance between prayer, work and study.