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The Christian Mind by Dom Anscar Vonier


The Christian Mind by Dom Anscar Vonier

In The Christian Mind, Abbot Vonier presents a Catholic reading of the theology of St. Paul, unfolding the roots of the Christian moral life in Christology and justification.
Vonier shows from St. Paul’s teachings how the life of Christ in the Christian person begets a unique “attitude of man’s mind caused directly and totally by the Incarnation.”

The Christian Mind by Dom Anscar Vonier

Beginning with a concise yet thorough interpretation of St. Paul’s central arguments and metaphors for the doctrine of justification, Vonier explores the effects of indwelling grace in forming the Christian’s entire consciousness and moral character.

Deeply biblical and thoroughly Catholic, Vonier’s study reveals the great and beautiful vistas that the life of Christ opens to the Christian mind as the source of authentic peace in this world and the next.

Dom Anscar Vonier, Abbot of Buckfast, was among the greatest sacramental theologians of the English-speaking world, famous for his clarity in explaining the the theology of St Thomas Aquinas for lay readers.

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