Seasonal Workshops - Season Ticket

£20.00 per season ticket

Four workshops for second year (and beyond) apiarists which will focus on the tasks and considerations required for a successful beekeeping year. These sessions will be a mixture of theory, discussion, and some practical work where appropriate and weather dependent.

Spring - Saturday April 11th 2pm till 5pm
When is the best time to carry out your first inspection? What should you be looking for? What could you do to put things right if things have gone awry. When should you add your first super? When, how, and why a comb exchange could really benefit your bees.

Summer - Saturday June 13th 2pm till 5pm
Did your bees swarm and are they recovered enough to take best advantage of the summer honey flow? Will there be a June gap? Could you identify and fix a poor queen mating problem? How often should you inspect the girls during July?

Autumn Saturday - September 5th 2pm till 5pm
With so many jobs to get done in a such a short space of time: taking honey; checking for stores and feeding; varroa treatments; consolidating boxes; insuring the queen and the rest of the girls are fit enough to go through winter; it’s good to have a plan.

Winter- Saturday - January 9th (2021) 2pm till 5pm
Should you examine your colonies in winter? Are there other ways you could safely gather information about what is happening inside your colony without delving into the brood box? How to assess food stores, and ways you could guard against isolation starvation. Why a one off winter varroa treatment is so effective.

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