Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Retreat Centre is currently closed

Buckfast Abbey Retreat Centre

We will be using Grangehurst our schools retreat house opposite Northgate House as a temporary Monastery guest accommodation for Southgate and the Monastery guest house retreatants. 

This is to comply with Government guide lines on Social distancing/COVID-19 security for Hotels and Guest Houses. Which we can’t do at Southgate or the Monastery guest house and keep our 80 and 90 year olds safe. It is unlikely we will be able to re-open the Monastery guest house or Southgate until Social Distancing and Covid Security is no longer needed.

Grangehurst is now open it has 10 adult en suite rooms, a lift and a spacious lounge, this is currently being redecorated after having a new ceiling been replaced. The rooms are being prepared ready for opening.
There will be a charge of £30 a night Bed and Breakfast, lunch and the evening meal will have to be bought by the guest at the Grange, Northgate or elsewhere. Continental Breakfast will be provided at Northgate in the small Northwood room opposite the bar.
All bookings are done through accommodation@buckfast.org.uk Grangehurst will be managed from Northgate, guests will book in and out at the receptionist desk in Northgate and will pre order an evening meal there if needed.


The monks have developed the Southgate retreat as an extension of the monastic guest quarters, enabling women and couples to stay at Buckfast Abbey on individually guided retreats. This means that guests are able to come here for a few days
or more, to unwind, recharge batteries and have the opportunity to attend monastic services in the Abbey Church.

The word retreat has many nuances. In the monastic context, one basic meaning is to stand back and to take stock of things in order to achieve perspective and insight in to the significance of our everyday lives. This can involve a time to be alone in order to read, think, reflect and pray. There may also be the opportunity to meet other guests and talk in a ‘neutral’ environment.

Southgate is one of the medieval entrances to the outer court of the monastery precinct. The original 13th Century building is thought to have been the Abbey’s Almhouses, providing shelter for the poor. The building is one of the first features to come into view when approaching the Abbey Church and is accessed from the main public car Park.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Retreat Centre is currently closed

The house boasts its own chapel, dining room, lounge and quiet reading areas in additional to a wonderful walled water garden and adjoining lawn. There are 4 en-suite rooms plus an additional 7 rooms spread over three floors accommodating a maximum of 18 guests. All rooms are comfortably well-appointed with desks and tea/coffee making facilities.

 Retreats at Southgate are for women and married couples, those wishing to visit are welcome to contact Br. Stephen at this email address:

Individuals are invited to make a donation for their stay; please inquire for the charges related to groups. It is not possible for guests to self cater at Southgate.

Guests are welcome to attend the services in the Abbey Church in the morning and evening, as well as the midday Mass.The Blessed Sacrament Chapel is open for private prayer through the day as is the Chapel in Southgate itself. 

For further information please contact:

Women and Married Men: Southgate Guestmaster:-  01364 645521 or