‘O God, be gracious and bless us, and let your face shed its light upon us.’ (Psalm 66)

The word Sacrament means ‘sign of the sacred.’ Roman Catholic’s believe Christ initiated seven sacraments, which us to grow in holiness. They are divided into three sections: Christian Initiation; Healing and Service.

1. Christian Initiation

Through Baptism we become sons and daughters of God, and become members of the Church. Infants are normally baptised soon after birth to welcome them into the family of the Church. By asking for the baptism of their child, parents are accepting their responsibility to bring up their child to understand the practice of the Catholic faith. A non-Catholic parent is asked to support their Catholic partner in this duty.

First Holy Communion
This continues the faith journey which started at baptism. Children in the parish are prepared for the first time they will receive the Eucharist. It is an incredibly important moment in the spiritual life of the child.

This confirms our relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. It normally takes place when a child is aged 14, but Catholic adults may be confirmed at any age having undertaken some preparation.

2. Healing

This is often called Confession. By making a confidential confession to a priest, we receive forgiveness from Christ and are reconciled with God. Confessions are heard in the Abbey Church on Saturdays.

Anointing of the sick
This is a healing sacrament to strengthen those who are ill, those facing hospital treatment or surgery.

3. Service

The sacrament of Marriage is a solemn undertaking between a man and a woman. Couples who are free to marry will normally be expected to have some connection with the Abbey and will be prepared for marriage before they make their vows to each other.

Known as Holy Orders. It is the calling of a Catholic man to commit his life to God and the Catholic church as a deacon or priest. To undertake the training, a man will have to be judged suitable by the Church authorities and be prepared to study for several years before being ordained deacon and later as a priest. A monk after consultation and with the approval of the abbot may be ordained a priest. To enquire further about being a diocesan priest contact the vocations office of a Diocese.


Christian Initiation, Healing and Service.