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The Green Hub – Gardens and Crafts

The Green Hub

On 25th July 2023 Buckfast Abbey, renowned for its dedication to preserving nature and embracing sustainable practices, is proud to announce the launch of its latest initiative, The Green Hub – Gardens and Crafts. This phased project marks a significant milestone in the Abbey’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and offers a unique experience for visitors seeking to engage with nature, local artists, and eco-friendly practices.

The Green Hub Gardens, the centerpiece of this project, presents a diverse collection of both indoor and outdoor plants, carefully curated to align with the garden themes at Buckfast Abbey—Lavender, Physic, Sensory, and Millennium gardens. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore these beautifully cultivated gardens and engage with our passionate garden team, who will be available to share their extensive knowledge about the plants and the sustainable methods employed to maintain the gardens and grounds.

Phase two of the project will focus on the crafts side, showcasing the exceptional talents of local artists and craftspeople. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to witness artists in action, as they conduct live demonstrations and engage with the public, fostering an enriching and interactive experience.

In line with its green initiatives, Buckfast Abbey has implemented various environmentally friendly measures to minimise its carbon footprint. The utilisation of hydro-electric power from a water wheel and the installation of a turbine capable of generating between 60 – 72KW an hour exemplify the Abbey’s commitment to renewable energy sources. This clean energy supply meets over a third of the Abbey’s electricity requirements during peak times, with any surplus energy being fed back into the National Grid. Rainwater harvesting, photovoltaic cells, and solar reflective windows are among the other eco-conscious features incorporated, showcasing the Abbey’s dedication to enhancing and preserving our environment.

The new Green Hub Gardens and Crafts will also serve as an educational platform, our staff will be on hand to provide valuable tips and advice into the care and maintenance of plants, or for craft ideas. In the near future there will be regular craft workshops to enable interactive involvement with our visitors.

Philip Arkwright CEO at Buckfast Abbey, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of this environmentally conscious project, stating, “We are delighted to announce the opening of our new Green Hub. Following Pope Francis’ recent statements on the care of the environment, the Monastic Community believes we have a moral imperative to take responsibility for our actions and their ecological impact. At Buckfast we strive not only to minimise our footprint, but also to actively enhance our surroundings for the benefit of all our visitors.”

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