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Organ Recital (Messiaen series 2)

Organ Recital (Messiaen series 2)

Sun 20th May 4.00pm | Free with retiring collection

David Davies gives a performance of Olivier Messiaen’s ‘La Pentecôte’ preceded by a talk by David in the Monastic Guesthall at 3.15pm

Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) the great Parisian Romantic Organist, illuminated his organ music by his deeply held faith. Messiaen explored radically new sonorities and tonalities in comparison to his organist contemporaries. It was his desire that his organ cycles should be ‘at the service of Catholic theology,’ and each cycle is penetrated with theological meditations. His aim was to deepen the listener’s understanding of the concepts they illustrate: the Incarnation, the Ascension, the Holy Trinity, the Saints in Glory, the Holy Sacrament.

Mary: Icon of the Church

Mary – Icon of the Church
The Role of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The doctrine of the Trinity contains within it the reason for the uniqueness of humanity’s relationship with God – Jesus, being true God and true man unites divinity ...

Kindness: a School Mass

Kindness – a School Mass

Jesus says that we must love others as he loves us. We must think about what he might mean by this. In the first place we know that he showed his love by allowing ...

Baptism of Teddy

Baptism of Teddy

Living as a Christian means wanting to be a complete human being. We easily think of the Christian claim that Jesus is God, but we should also think that Jesus is a human being in the fullest ...

Come and See Weekend

Come and See vocations weekend 16th - 21st May

Walk and Talk - Trees and Shrubs.

May 23rd - Wednesday 11am Walk and Talk - Trees and Shrubs. £3

Our Lady of Buckfast - Mass

Cardinal Francis Arinze, will preside at the Mass at 12:05pm in the presence of the Papal Legate, Cardinal Anders Arborelius O.C.D. Please note that access to the Abbey Church will be restricted until after 2.00pm.